Campaign Committee Her Royal Majesty Zillionaire Empress: Campaign Manager




$12,000 / Monthly


Campaign Committee Her Royal Majesty Zillionaire Empress


Campaign Management|Finance

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**Campaign Manager: Congressional Campaign Managers are responsible for planning and organizing a winning campaign and overseeing all aspects of the campaign organization. Managers are responsible for drafting and implementing a campaign plan and budget, overseeing fundraising and spending, hiring and managing a staff, and managing a candidate's priorities and schedule. Managers must have strong leadership skills, prior experience managing a staff and budget, and preferably experience overseeing polling, research, and paid media (such as mail and/or radio and television). Applicants should have a car and be willing to relocate, as well as work long hours under pressure. Applicants will need to demonstrate and excellent organizational and leadership skills. Managers should have two-to-three cycles of political campaign experience.  Salary, bonus, incentives are based on fund raised through you own efforts.**

**2024 Presidential Campaign Her Royal Majesty Zillionaire Empress Danielle Husser Berhane**