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Maria Ordonez for New York



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Duration & Compensation: The position is an in-person, temporary, with a duration aligned with the campaign’s petitioning period. Compensation will be hourly ($16/hr) and based on completion of assigned tasks. If you are passionate about civic engagement, democracy, and supporting a progressive candidate for the New York State Assembly, we invite you to be part of our petitioning team. Contact us to Apply If you’d like to apply for this role, please send your resume at [email protected], subject line ‘Campaign Petitioner’.

Application Link

[email protected]

Job Description

**Overview:** We are seeking motivated individuals to join our team as Petitioners for the upcoming New York State Assembly election. Maria Ordoñez is a lifelong Harlem resident and progressive candidate for Assembly running to fight for housing justice, healthcare for all, climate justice, and fully funding our schools.
The primary responsibility of this role is to gather signatures from eligible Democratic voters, ensuring our candidate meets the necessary requirements for ballot access.

**Key Responsibilities:**
- Engage with voters within the designated district to explain the candidacy and gather required signatures for ballot access.
- Ensure that all collected signatures comply with New York State election regulations and guidelines.
- Provide information about the candidate, their platform, and the importance of the upcoming election to potential signatories.
- Work towards daily and weekly signature collection targets set by the campaign.
- Regularly update campaign coordinators on progress and challenges faced during the petitioning process.
- Ensure all collected signatures comply with the specific requirements outlined by the New York State Board of Elections, are Democratic voters, and live within the district.

- Must be a registered Democrat in New York State.
- Flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.
- Reliable transportation to travel within the designated district.
- Cell phone for regular communication with the campaign.