Progressive Candidate for Congress : Canvasser/Organizer




$20/hr / Hourly


Progressive Candidate for Congress



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Application Link

[email protected]

Application Instructions

1) Please send your resume to [email protected]. 2) We are not requesting cover letters. 3) After we review your resume we will schedule an interview.

Application Link

[email protected]

Job Description

- About the Candidate 
- The candidate is a progressive running for Congress. The candidate seeks to make change from the ground up and build a people powered movement to push Congress to enact progressive change. 
- Some policy highlights are: 
- Free and universal early childhood education
- Medicare for All
- Transition to a 100% renewable energy system
- About the Job
- Canvassers and organizers are the lifeblood of our campaign. We depend on them to organize our voters and volunteers. Everyday they power our campaign to victory. 
- Your responsibilities will vary depending on the day. Some examples of tasks a canvasser/organizer might do are: 
- Phonebanking
- Canvassing communities
- Email and text based organizing
- Educating voters
- Job Requirements: 
- We are looking for people who are kind, compassionate, and devoted to progressive change. If this describes you, then welcome! 
- We need you to be able to: 
- Stand and walk up to 5 hours a day.
- Walk up and down stairs. 
- The job can be part-time or full-time depending on your personal preference.
- If your political experience is limited, fear not, we will provide you all the training you need to get up to speed.