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**_Who We Are_**

At COURIER Newsroom, we empower individuals and communities through local reporting that helps people understand and affect the issues impacting their lives. We believe that by investing in the work of local journalists across the country we can positively impact civic participation and build a healthier democracy from the ground up. Through original reporting and human-focused storytelling, we highlight the issues that shape our lives while calling attention to the impacts of policy-making and political action at the local level. We are a rapidly growing team with new ideas on how to change the landscape of this world. Our team is led by women and composed of people that strive to make our workplace an environment where every individual feels like they belong. Our team is composed of smart individuals with multiple intersections of diversity.

COURIER Newsroom offers the following:
- Unlimited PTO, 11 paid holidays a year
- Full suite of health benefits
- Fully remote team 
- Flexible working arrangements
- Prioritization of our people over outcomes, we are a team that wants humans to thrive in this unstable climate.

We are seeking a highly skilled, diverse and motivated individual to join our team for the role of Digital Data Analyst. In this role, you will work under the Head of Data Analytics to conduct data analysis that drives Courier’s business needs. 

What You Will Do

- Build and maintain data visualizations in Google Data Studio
- Maintain and set up quality checks on our data across Sprout Social, Meta ads spends, supermetrics, Sailtru to provide quick business insights. 
- Work closely with our Paid Media team to make agile + strategic decisions on what ads are working and reallocate spend.
- Work closely with our Newsletter project specialist to determine what content across media (Meta, Social, SEO) is performing well and report findings to our Editorial teams. 

Our Tech Stack
- Google Cloud Platform (Bigquery, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Google Data Studio)
- DBT 

You may be a good fit if you have **SOME** of the following:
- Like working in a startup environment where sometimes priorities change rapidly. 
- Think that going down rabbit holes of weird data is fun
- Background in working with GA4 Data. Both in Bigquery and in the GA 4 UI.
- Designing, building and maintaining data visualizations using complex data sources in Google Data Studio (looker)
- Go into Data Visualization with the thought of making beautiful visualizations that are easy to understand to non technical audiences.
- Ability to data clean and process new data that is inherently messy 
- Ability to use advanced Bigquery functions such as REGEX, PARSE(DATE), windows functions, JASON(), ARRAY(), advanced aggregation functions as well as create your own functions in Bigquery

Bonus points if you have
- Experience working on Social Media Data
- Worked with Sailthru ESP
- Worked with Wordpress Database tables before
- Experience working with Arrayed data in Bigquery
- Past work experience with website speed monitoring. 
- Experience working with digital media or newsletter data

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive company culture, and that does not discriminate against candidates and employees because of their disability, sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, veteran status, or any other protected status under the law.