Andrea Salinas: Latino Constituency Organizer




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Andrea Salinas



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Application Instructions

Please send a resume, and two references to [email protected] with the email titled 'Latino Constituency Organizer'

Application Link

[email protected]

Job Description

**Job Type**
**Role:** Latino Constituency Organizer
**Reports To: **Organizing Director
**Work Location: **OR-06
**Job Type: **Full-Time, Salary Exempt
**Position Summary: **The Andrea Salinas campaign is seeking an experienced Latino Constituency Organizer to work on the competitive Congressional race in Oregon’s Sixth District this year. This role will report to the Organizing Director. They will work closely with the Campaign Manager and Organizing Director to engage, persuade, mobilize, and turnout Latino voters. They are responsible for building relationships with community leaders and activist groups, growing grassroots infrastructure, and managing voter registration efforts.
**Responsibilities Include:**

- Developing cultural ties in the district, growing existing campaign infrastructure, and cultivating diverse political relationships through 1:1s with local party leaders, community leaders, activists and grassroots organizers.
- Coordinating regularly with Congressional Campaign Leadership, and organizing staff to ensure that the engagement program is supported by, and integrated into the campaign strategy. 
- Hosting voter education events focused on the Latino community
- Building and implementing systems for volunteers to successfully meet daily goals for capacity building, and direct voter contact.
- Hosting and recruiting volunteers for culturally inclusive events that include phone banks, canvasses, friend banks, organizing meetings, and voter registration events
- Other department responsibilities as needed

- Fluency in Spanish.
- Understanding of universe targeting and metrics related to voter contact and volunteer outreach.
- Ability to work within diverse communities and experience organizing Latino voters.

- 2+ cycles of campaign organizing experience is strongly preferred. 
- Prior experience recruiting, training, and managing volunteers on electoral or issue campaigns in a paid staff capacity is required.
- Commitment to establishing a culture of respect and community.
- Proficiency in VAN or PDI, Microsoft Office Suite, and Google Docs.
- Access to a vehicle or other, reliable means of transportation.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Ability to meet tight deadlines under pressure and problem solve effectively and creatively.
- Proactively fosters an inclusive atmosphere and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
- Ability to demonstrate multicultural competence – the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant and productive ways.
- Personal and professional commitment to promoting and investing in cross-cultural skills and awareness related to individuals from broad backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.
- Proven interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills with the ability to build relationships with staff at all levels.
- Dedication to electing Democratic candidates. 

$4,500 + Healthcare