MN DFL Senate Caucus: MN DFL Senate Caucus Director


60 Plato Blvd MN


84,000.-120,000.00 / Yearly


MN DFL Senate Caucus


Campaign Management

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Please submit cover letter, resume and references to [email protected] by April 19, 2024

Application Link

[email protected]

Job Description

The Campaign Director will oversee the day-to-day operations of the MN DFL Senate Caucus during the 2024 cycle. The work will include but not limited to strategic campaign planning, hiring, and managing staff, communications, executing programs, and fundraising. The Campaign Director will work directly with senior leadership, caucus campaign leadership, the Chief of Staff for Leader, and the Leader.
The candidate needs sound judgment, political savvy, fundraising ability, and a work ethic of the highest degree. Prefer understanding MN politics, elected officials, and major local political issues. The Campaign Director must work to protect and enhance the reputation of Senate Democrats.
_The Campaign Director will share the following commitment and values:_
·        Ensure strong programming to maintain the majority in MN Senate.
·        The ability to put together a strong plan.
·        Hiring, training, and leading an experienced strong and diverse team
·        Strong evaluation process to measure outcomes
·        Transparent systems of communication
·        Help ensure the Caucus has a strong, respectful, and cohesive team culture.
·        A positive, kind, empowering and no-drama approach to their work.
_Primary responsibilities include:_
·        Staff Management
·        Recruit, Train and Develop Candidates
·        Build and Execute Organizing Plan
·        Create Communications and Outreach Program
·        Oversee Fundraising Program
·        Develop Strong Working Relationships with Partners and Allies
·        Financial Stewardship
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_Staff Management_
·        Hire and manage core staff to ensure that the day-to-day operations are tracked for the achievement of producing results without micro-managing.
·        Ensure there is an ongoing training program for staff that meets the needs of program.
·        Must be able to evaluate employee effectiveness and restructure jobs, as necessary.
·        Develop a strong and healthy culture for organization.
_Recruit and Develop Candidates_
·        Recruiting highly qualified candidates who fit the senate district they are running in. Not to mention are motivated and understand what it takes to win.
·        Build an ongoing training program that ensures candidates are prepared for the campaign cycle.
·        Ensure that candidates have the assistance they need to run a strong campaign.
_Build and Execute Organizing Plan_
·        Develop an effective Field and Candidate support structure for candidates.
·        Create on-going training program for caucus members and candidates.
·        Ensure that caucus members and candidates are efficiently building media, mail, digital programs.
_Create Communications and Outreach Program_
·        Develop communications plan for the Senate Caucus.
·        Run a pro-active communications program that leads critical communications with activists, donors, stakeholders, partners, consultants, allied organizations, and key constituencies.
·        Must seek out and utilize new media and innovative campaign communication tools.
·        Create strong working relationships with partners and ally organizations across the state.
_Financial Stewardship_
·        Ensure a strong fundraising plan with an emphasis on relationships.
·        Managing finance staff.
·        Manage cash flow prioritizing Caucus goals.
·        The Campaign Director is responsible for the budget of MN Senate DFL Caucus and will work with the finance team and the compliance contractor to make sure all campaign finance reports, tax returns, and other required reports are filed accurately and on time.