TogetherSF: Organizer (Senior/Junior)




$75,000 / Yearly





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[email protected]

Application Instructions

If you are interested in the position, please email [email protected] with your resume and no more than 4 sentences on why you're interested in the role (seriously! not looking for a cover letter or to make you complete a writing assignment).

Application Link

Job Description

Organizers report to the Field Director and support the work of the Political Team. This position is full time through November 2024 and includes benefits. The salary range for this position is $70,000–$95,000 based on experience.

Organizers will focus on:
- Organizing: relationship building and volunteer development with individuals and groups
- Identify and cultivate relationships with community members who can complete an advocacy action with TogetherSF and TogetherSF Action mainly through intentional one to one meetings
- Identify community members who can amplify the TogetherSF and TogetherSF Action messages
- Teach community members the skills to complete advocacy actions and invest significant time in developing their skills as community leaders
- In-person and online community engagement events
- Plan, lead, and manage community events, most commonly “House Parties”
- Plan: coordinate with hosts, help build for events, coach hosts to ensure maximum turnout
- Attend events as the primary staffer, give presentations, and build relationships with attendees
- Follow up communication and data tracking including thank yous, scheduling 1:1s with potential community members, identifying future advocacy actions, or general community organizing, and CRM data entry
- Attend community, neighborhood, merchant and neighborhood association events as needed
- Marketing
- Assist Marketing Team with promotion plans for events including graphic design and
- copywriting requests
- Collect photos, video, testimonials, and stories from events
- Program development
- Assist in the strategy, planning, program development, execution, data tracking, and alignment with organizing goals
- Assist in identifying effective engagement, event content, and event flow to reach programming goals at each event
- Field Work
- Set strategy, plan, and run voter engagement actions such as phone banks, lit drops, and canvassing