MoveOn: RFP: Senior Political Organizer for Countering Third-Party Presidential Spoiler Threats




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**Position Description:**
Countering Third-Party Presidential Spoiler Threats Contract
Now through November election
Senior level political organizer to organize and support institutions and activists to drive campaigns to help inoculate progressive and other non-MAGA constituencies from voting for RFK Jr and other third-party presidential spoiler candidates in key battleground states (AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA and WI).
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following ...
**Education & Outreach:**
● Educate and sound the alarm within the progressive ecosystem among national and state actors to ensure they understand the threat, have the critical information they need to assess their particular role and ability to help, and provide strategic thought partnership to inform the work.
● Educate the press and serve as a spokesperson to the anti-RFK Jr efforts across the political ecosystem.
**Strategic Plan Development & Execution:**
● In partnership with key voter engagement intermediaries and allies, develop, align and drive a strategic plan that will help ensure we address third party vulnerabilities with progressive voters in key battleground states and districts.
**● **With national and state partners, strategize ways of countering the threats, including digital and in-person organizing, earned media, bird-dogging and seeking to incorporate third-party threats into the regular plans and activities of the intermediaries and state-based groups.
● Help organize resources and provide support and guidance to organizations and activists within the progressive ecosystem to develop and execute plans to reach core constituencies.
● Partner regularly with national research partners on information, strategy and producing fact sheets, talking points, memes, video clips, etc. customized as makes sense for core issue- and constituency-based groups
**Tracking & Coordination:**
● Track, coordinate and make adjustments with national and state partners, intermediaries and state groups based on feedback and lessons learned from both state and national partners.
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